Legal Options for New Business Start-Ups

If you are plan­ning to start-up a new busi­ness or you are plan­ning to restruc­ture an exist­ing busi­ness, then you have a num­ber of busi­ness orga­ni­za­tion options. Gen­er­ally speak­ing a busi­ness may be orga­nized as a sole pro­pri­etor­ship, gen­eral part­ner­ship, lim­ited part­ner­ship or a cor­po­ra­tion depend­ing on the type of busi­ness, its risks, own­er­ship struc­ture and income level. The fol­low­ing rep­re­sents a brief overview of the basic forms of busi­ness organizations.

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Why Incorporate?

Of the var­i­ous forms of busi­ness orga­ni­za­tions, the busi­ness cor­po­ra­tion is the most sophis­ti­cated and com­mon form of busi­ness own­er­ship for most Cana­dian busi­ness own­ers. The fol­low­ing rep­re­sents an overview of the key ben­e­fits and costs of incor­po­rat­ing a busi­ness corporation.